16 Dec 2022

Moving from Medium to Jekyll

12 May 2020

Over on the hiyacar blog I’ve written up how and why we moved that blog away from Medium to Jekyll hosted on Netlify and using Cloudflare workers to proxy through the main domain. Go check...

Infrequent Miscellany Update

27 Mar 2020

I will not be publishing future issues of Infrequent Miscellany here. If you want to continue to read them you’ll have to subscribe. Subscribe to get future issues straight to your inbox

Infrequent Miscellany #5

26 Nov 2019

Hello (again) Firefox

21 Nov 2019

I have recently returned to using Firefox as my main browser. I had been a Chrome user for many years. I switched shortly after it launched because it seemed much faster (remember when V8 was...

Infrequent Miscellany #4

28 Oct 2019

My current podcast subscriptions

25 Oct 2019

I listen to podcasts, a lot of podcasts. Over the last few years I’ve subscribed to a number of them that I listen to in the hours I’m travelling (after school dropoff, or commuting to/from...

Git commit messages

18 Oct 2019

A recent post from David Thompson, My favourite Git Commit, hit the top of Hacker News today and I thought I should jot down a few thoughts. When working on a small project alone, the...

Infrequent Miscellany #3

14 Oct 2019

This time: Flash, email, deep work & nuclear weapons

URL ABC Updated

9 Oct 2019

While trying to recover some of my long-lost posts from the Internet Archive I was reminded of this idea from Tim Van Damme. I figured being almost 10 years since I posted that it would...