Infrequent Miscellany #3

This time: Flash, email, deep work & nuclear weapons

14 Oct 2019

URL ABC Updated

While trying to recover some of my long-lost posts from the Internet Archive I was reminded of this idea from Tim Van Damme. I figured being almost 10 years since I posted that it would...

09 Oct 2019

Infrequent Miscellany #2

This time: Postgres deep dive, tech stack, HTML attributes, machine learning and 21/9

22 Sep 2019

Infrequent Miscellany #1

This time: HTML email, Basecamp’s development processes, chiptunes and DeepFakes

11 Sep 2019

Introducing Infrequent Miscellany

It’s been a while since I’ve written regularly. To attempt to get back in to the habit I’m launching Infrequent Miscellany, an occasional digest of the latest interesting, weird and/or funny technology developments. I’ll try...

09 Sep 2019

Basic testing for mobile devices in a desktop browser

My browser of choice for development is Google’s Chrome Canary, a very frequently updated bleeding edge build of Chrome allowing you to preview upcoming features. One feature that I’ve been very fond of since its...

10 Jun 2016

Track traffic exiting your site, without jQuery

A few years ago (well, over five years ago!) I published an article that showed you how to use Google Analytics to track traffic exiting your site with a little bit of jQuery. Now while...

07 Aug 2015

Building WordStream

Last week I spent a couple of hours playing with some new technology and built wordstream, a real-time word cloud generated from the twitter sample stream. Here’s how. The twitter streaming APIs are a very...

25 Jan 2015

My Favorite Ruby gems

Many tasks that would otherwise take hours or days to build can be easily implemented by simply including the relevant Ruby Gem in your project. Here’s my pick of interesting, useful and most-importantly time-saving gems:...

01 Sep 2014

Caffeine is great, to a point!

Coffee in the morning, yes. Coffee in the afternoon, maybe. For the last few months I’ve been restricting myself to only drinking caffeinated beverages before 3pm in an attempt to kick my sleeping pattern back...

28 May 2013