Infrequent Miscellany #5

26 Nov 2019

Hello (again) Firefox

I have recently returned to using Firefox as my main browser. I had been a Chrome user for many years. I switched shortly after it launched because it seemed much faster (remember when V8 was...

21 Nov 2019

Infrequent Miscellany #4

28 Oct 2019

My current podcast subscriptions

I listen to podcasts, a lot of podcasts. Over the last few years I’ve subscribed to a number of them that I listen to in the hours I’m travelling (after school dropoff, or commuting to/from...

25 Oct 2019

Git commit messages

A recent post from David Thompson, My favourite Git Commit, hit the top of Hacker News today and I thought I should jot down a few thoughts. When working on a small project alone, the...

18 Oct 2019

Infrequent Miscellany #3

This time: Flash, email, deep work & nuclear weapons

14 Oct 2019

URL ABC Updated

While trying to recover some of my long-lost posts from the Internet Archive I was reminded of this idea from Tim Van Damme. I figured being almost 10 years since I posted that it would...

09 Oct 2019

Infrequent Miscellany #2

This time: Postgres deep dive, tech stack, HTML attributes, machine learning and 21/9

22 Sep 2019

Infrequent Miscellany #1

This time: HTML email, Basecamp’s development processes, chiptunes and DeepFakes

11 Sep 2019

Introducing Infrequent Miscellany

It’s been a while since I’ve written regularly. To attempt to get back in to the habit I’m launching Infrequent Miscellany, an occasional digest of the latest interesting, weird and/or funny technology developments. I’ll try...

09 Sep 2019