Infrequent Miscellany #4

The relationship between time, the sun and the earth seems simple, but it is far from that. The blog post, Earth and Sun from Bartosz Ciechanowski, goes deep in to this relationship complete with many interactive diagrams explaining these complex concepts in a beautifully simple way.

When FitBit bought what was left of Pebble it made no promises around keeping Pebble’s cloud infrastructure running, in fact it made it very clear that at some point it would all be shutdown. A small team within did something about that. Rebble with a Cause tells their story to reverse engineer and save every Pebble device from becoming completely defunct.

Much has been written about remote workers being more productive. It’s not the fact they’re working remotely, more the fact that remote workers often have to communicate asynchronously. And it turns out that asynchronous communication is inherently more productive. This blog post from is a really insightful and deep look in to why this is the case.

Spotify collects an enormous amount of data from it's users, over one terabyte per day! Read about the numerous algorithms and AI systems it runs on this data to work out what you want to listen to.

I can't draw a perfect circle, my best score is 93%. Can you beat that?

A smart use of git to show the history of the US Constitution. If only git could correctly show commit dates before the 1st January 1970!

Watch as pairs of AI agents play hide and seek, and repeatedly exploit limitations in their physical world to get a edge

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