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17 Nov 2021

Wordle - A fun new word-a-day game

Learn how regular expressions work with RegexLearn an interactive learning tool.

23 Apr 2021

Mars? Mars Sucks!

12 Apr 2021

Learn to use console.log() like a pro

Making software is hard, making software at scale is even harder

What makes a great technical interview process? Factorio does

2 Mar 2021

Git is your friend, even as a solo delevoper

1 Mar 2021

A great list of resources to help you become an awesome CTO

Rockstar hasn’t fixed GTA Online loading times, so someone else tried

8 Feb 2021

I’m sure there’s an actual reason for using pixel shaders in Windows terminal, but I can’t think of one.

If you have a SaaS product, you should have no free plan

20 Nov 2020

Yesterday @bradtaunt’s launched 1MB Club which celebrates sites which download less than 1MB of resources. I figure we should have a stick to work with his carrot, so here’s 10MB Club. A ‘hall of shame’ for site requiring over 10MB of resources.

17 Nov 2020

An argument for publishing DKIM private keys, once they’ve been rotated out — Ok Google: please publish your DKIM secret keys

Lets find out how Spotify codes work

20 Oct 2020
5 Jun 2020

DeepFaceDrawing turns any free-hand face sketch in to a photo-realistic image