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12 May 2020

A great summary of the benefit of asynchronous written communication


4 May 2020

The wealth of the super-rich, visualised in pixels — Wealth, shown to scale

Time is the only currency we have, spend it wisely with these tips.

30 Apr 2020

OpenAI’s latest project, Jukebox, a neural network that generate music in a given genre and style.

25 Apr 2020

Phil Hawksworth shows how you can use Trello as a CMS with Netlify

Time is the only currency we have gives some engineering based time saving tips

23 Apr 2020

The BBC writes about why video calls drain your energy

22 Apr 2020

This website will self-destruct if nobody visits it for 24 hours

98.css, a CSS framework to make Windows 98 looking pages

21 Apr 2020

Open any GitHub repo/file in a sandbox web IDE by just changing the URL, with Githubbox

20 Apr 2020

How to use focus blocks and get others to respect heads-down time

Plex has released, Plexamp, their Winamp-inspired minimal client focused only on music

The five levels of autonomy when it comes to remote working

15 Apr 2020

Sandra Upson writes the devastating decline of a brilliant young coder, the emotional story of the neural degenerative disease that has completely transformed one of the founders of Cloudflare

14 Apr 2020

Some note-taking tips for one-to-ones. I like the idea of the 4 colour pen here

John Conway has died, xkcd commemorates his life exactly how you would expect.

How would the classic 6502 processor look clocked at 15GHz?