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2 Apr 2020

Tips for planning and managing layoffs should you need to do so

Technical writing courses from Google. Great technical writing is an underapreciated skill for developers

It turns out it’s really hard to model figures for a pandemic

SoftBank pulls out of $3.5bn WeWork buyback deal.

Spotify replaces its #ThrowbackThursday playlist with #ThankYouThursday in support of all NHS/frontline workers

1 Apr 2020

LDN Apprentices announces their annual awards winners, including me as Tech Manager of the Year 🎉

Hiyacar passes 500 hire-days of free hires to NHS staff during the COVID-19 UK lockdown

31 Mar 2020

Hiyacar passes a years worth of free booking for NHS staff

Tailscale is a great way to manage WireGuard VPN connections between devices. Looks like a good option to replace SSH tunnels and/or port forwards for exposing web services at home.