Infrequent Miscellany #1

This time: HTML email, Basecamp's development processes, chiptunes and DeepFakes

HTML email client feature support tables 🔗

If you need to find out if a given HTML element, CSS property or JavaScript feature is supported by a given browser(s) the go to site for some time has been But what if you need to know what HTML elements and CSS properties you can use in an HTML email and which clients support them? Well now there’s which does exactly that 🥳


Shaping up nicely 🔗

Basecamp’s latest ‘book’ (it’s only available to read online, currently) is Shape Up. It gives a candid description of their development process and the decade plus long route getting there.


Kind of Bloop 🔗

10 years after it’s release, and subsequent legal controversy, Kind of Bloop is now free for all to download and enjoy. Andy Baio’s 8bit reinterpretation of Kind of Blue was one of Kickstarter’s earliest projects, celebrating 50 years since the record’s release.


DeepFake Tom Cruise 🎥

Watch as Bill Hader’s face morphs in to Tom Cruise’s during his impressions. This technology keeps getting better and/or creepier. Make sure to check out the creator’s YouTube channel where there’s loads more examples.

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