Caffeine is great, to a point!

Coffee in the morning, yes. Coffee in the afternoon, maybe.

For the last few months I’ve been restricting myself to only drinking caffeinated beverages before 3pm in an attempt to kick my sleeping pattern back to the norm.

Before starting this I would not feel tired until waaaay past a sensible bed time and, having gone to bed, it would take hours to actually get to sleep. Even on the nights when I somehow managed to get to sleep at a sensible time I would wake up feeling groggy and continue to feel that way for most of the morning.

I’m happy to say that this has all changed. Cutting out caffeine after 3pm has made me actually feel tired at a sensible time (usually 11pm ish) yet still capable to staying awake beyond that if necessary. You know those conference after-parties can go on a while. Best of all I now awake feeling refreshed, even when my daughter storms in at 5:30am!

Try it yourself, let me know how it goes.